Shy glances made up the most part of her day,

The pain in her heart was here to stay,

The man she loved, never looked her way,

One-sided love, isn’t that what they say?

She heard red was his cherished color, so that’s what she wore,

She heard he loved a wild one, she began going out more,

She heard he favored a slim frame, she ran miles till she was sore,

One-sided love, are you keeping score?

His heart, alas, was taken by a dame,

Who had a prettier face, and a far richer name,

Love meant nothing to her, to her it was a game,

One-sided love, oh wasn’t that a shame?

Our little love-struck bird, she wrote him a note,

Confessing her love, this is what she wrote,

“My love for you knows no end, believe me

When I say it’s you to whom my heart I devote”

One glance at the crumpled paper arouses his attention,

One look at the passionate words kindles repulsion,

One fluid movement, paper torn, he kills an expectation,

One-sided love, why this humiliation?

Our little love-struck bird, broke and cracked,

He loved the wild ones, she put on one last act,

The slit on her neck, red, his favorite shade,

One-sided love…or just a glorified renegade?



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