How deep is your love?

Will you hold me in your arms,
When my demons take hold of me?
Will you touch those fragments of my soul
That I’ve always been too scared to reveal?
Will you let me blush a little
When you whisper stupid things in my ear?
Will you fill my heart with trust,
And leave no room for fear?

Or will you raise your eyebrows in judgement,
When I wear a revealing dress?
Will you question my every decision,
And make me feel like I’m making a mess?
Will I find messages to your ex-girlfriend,
Hidden in your phone?
Will you go running back to her if she calls,
Will you leave me here all alone?

Will you sleep with your back to me
Facing the wall?
When the tears are flowing, heart is burning,
And I demand an explanation of it all?
Will you take every measure possible
To show me how unwanted I am?
Will you dispose of me, forget about me
Will you really not give a damn?

So tell me if your intentions are true,
I’ll let my heart open up to you,
I’ll let you explore my mind, every curve,
If you tell me how deep is your love.


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