She was not the storm

She was not the fire
She was just a woman
Breathing love and desire
Her body spoke of dreams
Her eyes brimmed with fantasies
Her heart was a vast labyrinth
Of uncharted galaxies

He was a predator, all his eyes could see
Was the guiless creature of pure mystery
He held the knowledge that a single strike to the heart
Would ensure her eternal captivity
So he raised his arms, strung his bow
Released the treacherous poisoned arrow
Aimed straight at her heart, it caught her unawares
Alas! She could now never be saved

Full of glee, he caught her by her very soul
Passed the days, intoxicated by her love
For him, it was the eternal high
As he watcher her wither and slowly die
She was but chaste, she believed he loved her too
She clung to him, oh but little did she knew
He would only stay till she had nothing left to give
She loved him harder than the stars had planned, oblivious to his motive

She let him chart her galaxies, fulfilled his fantasies
Gave him the high he craved
Whispers in her ear urged her to leave him
But still, every tempest she braved
For in her heart, he was her world
Her little dreams naive
Her core was shook, then, when the day arrived
And he prepared on taking his leave

He left with a look on his face that spoke of disgust
As if she had done something wrong
When all she did was strive to shower
Him with love and passion all along
He took care not to look back even once
Not even at her tear-stricken eyes
It began to dawn on her, the false promises he had made
And all the blasphemous lies

She was left all alone, with her broken dreams and heavy regrets
And eyes that no longer shone
Her lips no longer smiled, her voice no longer chirped
She let the torrent of grief wash over
She believed the fault was all her own
She promised herself, then and there
Her heart would soon be rid of this stinging pain
A bullet to the head, a note left to be read
She made sure her heart would never love again.


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