Everyday is war

We drink down our anger

Make love with ferocious guilt

Vow to fix each other

Only to break down all over again

We take warmth 

From lighting each other on fire 

Drag each other to hell

Slam vases across the wall

Only to douse the flames

In silky sheets and teary kisses 

We wear love bites like battle scars

Long sleeves hide the bruises

Insanity is our refuge 

We are poison together, baby

But we’re drinking it like nectar 


I am the girl your mother did not warn you about 

I am the girl your mother did not warn you about 

I am the girl

Your mother did not warn you about

She told you about the girl
With glittery eyes and foxy smiles
She will never wait for you
Make you hold onto your every breath for her
Will never kiss and tell
Rather would bide her time
Until you fell
The one who would make your heart rush
Your drug of choice
She will promise you paradise
And leave you addicted to hell
She will whisper in your ears
All the lies someone whispered in hers
She will watch your tears fall
It’s her victory, she always wins the game

I am not that girl
I can only aspire to be.

I am the girl
Who has her heart open for the world to see
I hide my blushes in my curls
When you smile at me
My heart is about as cold as a furnace
I will hold your hand
Even when your palms are sweaty
I don’t play games because
I don’t know how to
I cry when my heart is broken
I laugh when the world is sunny
I am the girl
That loves you
Even after everything you can do
To break me
Saying goodbye is not a plan
It’s the last resort
For the girl that I am

My love is fiery, all consuming ;
I think your mother should have warned you about me
Flood after heavy rain
Broken houses, lost homes after a tornado
That is how I love
And that is how I hate, too
When my heart has been broken a little too much

Second Choice. 

Second Choice. 

I wasn’t born to be the disguised name,
In your contact list, or the last call of the day
Your late night guilty pleasure, your “just a friend”,
Rubber heart for you to play

I wasn’t born to be your 15th February,
Blank eyes and snide smirks in reply to my fears about “our future”,
The supporting actress (what a pity!)
Rosy lies to keep me in an impuissant stupor

I wasn’t born to be the weeping mess, lying at your feet at 6 in the morning,
My own delusions begging for an explanation,
Scared silly of losing you, blind enough to unsee
That the storms of my pain never received any placation

In all gullible affirmation, I thought I was participating
In a contest, and you were the gold
A punch too many to the heart made me realize
Trophies aren’t black like your soul

One day, when your daughter will come crying home,
Because some boy broke her heart ; the pain in her voice
Will remind you of me, and you will finally see
I wasn’t born to be your “second choice”. 

Pretty Girl 💕

Pretty Girl 💕

Pretty girl, one of a kind

Give me your hand, let me read your mind
Your moonlit eyes are reading into my soul
Give me all your loving, never leave me alone

Pretty girl, you know your light
Is way too bright, drenched in delight
You pave your way out of stars
You have raging oceans in your heart

Pretty girl, you think that honey mouth
Can hide your fire, tell me what it’s all about
I could spend my days, listening to your fairytales
I could lie here forever, wide awake

Pretty girl, what goes around comes around
Be a good little girl, don’t you run around
You are a soldier, you’ll only get bolder
Know your worth, never let the dust settle on the ground