Your day is never complete until you layer me generously on your lips,
You’re addicted to me! I mean, my numbers fill your office bag!
Red, pink, brown, magenta, lilac even!
Sometimes you’re so confused you combine me with another just to make your green eyes pop!
You spend hours in the store, searching for my perfect shade,
Those fierce swatch lines adorning your wrist like a disease by the time you leave,
Sometimes I make you feel like a flirtatious young filly,
Other times I stroke the enchantress hidden inside you,
In the morning I sit, proud and glorious on those supple lips of yours,
By evening I’m a half-eaten mess,
But you love the high, don’t you?
I’m not inanimate to you;
To you I’m almost a dear friend
A pocket-sized , tube shaped friend!

One sided love – what have you done?

One sided love – what have you done?

Shy glances made up the most part of her day,

The pain in her heart was here to stay,

The man she loved, never looked her way,

One-sided love, isn’t that what they say?

She heard red was his cherished color, so that’s what she wore,

She heard he loved a wild one, she began going out more,

She heard he favored a slim frame, she ran miles till she was sore,

One-sided love, are you keeping score?

His heart, alas, was taken by a dame,

Who had a prettier face, and a far richer name,

Love meant nothing to her, to her it was a game,

One-sided love, oh wasn’t that a shame?

Our little love-struck bird, she wrote him a note,

Confessing her love, this is what she wrote,

“My love for you knows no end, believe me

When I say it’s you to whom my heart I devote”

One glance at the crumpled paper arouses his attention,

One look at the passionate words kindles repulsion,

One fluid movement, paper torn, he kills an expectation,

One-sided love, why this humiliation?

Our little love-struck bird, broke and cracked,

He loved the wild ones, she put on one last act,

The slit on her neck, red, his favorite shade,

One-sided love…or just a glorified renegade?


Hello world!

My name is Nayonika. I’m a 21 year old idiot who happens to love writing, singing, reading, eating and marathon-watching gossip shows. 

This blog started out of the innate restlessness that was in me to share my thoughts, my opinions and my interests to everyone of you who might relate to me, like my work, or simply even want to give me a bit of your world as well! 

So I hope you enjoy as we go along creating new experiences in this blog, all accompanied by good classical music and plenty of doughnuts to fund our sugar highs.