Ruh ( Arabic: روح)


I’ve forgotten what it feels like
To breathe free
Every hour punctuated by routine
Plans and schedules
Instead of hopes and dreams
Meetings and conversations
Where an exchange of fantasies should be
A world too big for recognition
You’ll find me in my planet of my own identity
Protocol is good and fine
But for once let’s be each other’s insanity

Hi, nice to meet you
My soul honors your soul
Oh, is there where you keep your secrets?
I’d love to know them all
I don’t want to know where you work, what you do
Tell me about the time
When you built sand castles and played by the sea
About the things that make you smile
Tell me, about how your heart races
Because you’re scared of the dark
How you and your friends would be out at night
Under the trees, counting stars

I know you’ve achieved things in life
But tell me about the dreams that didn’t quite make it
Those decaying paintings, those hung up boxing gloves
In those ballet costumes that now don’t quite fit
Tell me about your first heartbreak
I’ll tell you about mine
Let’s fly away with the waning moon
Let’s dance to this cosmic rhythm divine
I don’t care about this heavenly human paint
God painted us with; it’s for the soul I crave

So let me in on all your secrets
Don’t worry they’re safe with me
Become my cherished novel tonight
The one I love to read.